Leather Luster Application

Instructions Step by Step


1. Leather Luster Pre-cleaner or General Purpose Lacquer Thinner
2. Cotton, Terry Cloth Rags
3. Leather Luster Polish
4. Fine Steel Wool



1. Remove all waxes, oils, and dyes from the leather by scrubbing with the Pre-cleaner and rough terry cloth rags.

Note: This must be done until no more color appears on the Rags. Because some leathers contain so many oils and dyes, some may require more than a single can of Pre-cleaner.

2. After step 1, allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

Note: For some of the more popular brands of boots, we have found great success with using a fine sandpaper to lightly buff the leather; it seems to help open the pores of the material.

3. Wipe again with Pre-cleaner and set to dry.


1. Apply a thin coat of Leather Luster. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours. The first coat of Leather Luster will not have any shine.
Note: If possible, place in direct Sunlight, this will aid in drying; DO NOT BAKE THIS PRODUCT.

2.  Apply a Second coat of Leather Luster and set to dry.
Note: The First coat of leather Luster must be completely DRY, not tacky at all. If Leather Luster is not completely dry it means that not all oils and dyes have been removed. In that case use pre-cleaner and terry cloth rags to re-scrub the tacky areas, the dry leather luster will not be removed.

3. Once you have 2 good coats, Use the fine steel wool to buff the leather to a smooth even surface.
Note: Some leathers may require 3 coats before buffing.

4. Clean the material to rid all steel wool particles.

5. Apply a coat of leather Luster. If this is your final coat, take your time. Bubbles can be removed by lightly blowing on them.
Note: you can repeat steps 3-5 until the desired gloss is achieved.

6. Spray with common household furniture polish such as Pledge® to maintain the shine.


1.Buff the area with the steel wool pad
2. Apply a coat of leather luster and allow to dry


1. You will need Leather Luster Finish Remover (Item # M00000)
2. Apply Leather Luster Finish Remover liberally to a small section of the shoe.
3. Let sit for 30-60 seconds.
4. The old Leather Luster will coagulate and rise off of the leather.
5. Wipe and/or scrape off old leather luster and repeat until all Leather Luster is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Leather Luster work on all shoes?

Leather Luster was formulated for leather only. The product has been used on leather upper balance man-made materials, boots and shoes with success. However, you must follow the instructions completely. We have found that many boots and shoes today have water proofing and oil resisting agents on them; therefore, use only very thin coats when applying Leather Luster. You will get the same high gloss shine.

Does the thickness of the leather matter?

Leather Luster must be able to soak into the material. If the material is thin on the boot or shoe, then you should only apply 2-3 thin coats of Leather Luster. If product has too many coats, the product may start to peel on man-made material boots and shoes. Again we stress that the Leather Luster must be able to soak into the boot or shoe.

How long will Leather Luster last?

The Leather Luster shine will last six months to a year, if not longer. This varies due to usage.

What do you do if leather article scuffs or appears dull after a while?

Buff leather article with steel wool and apply a coat of Leather Luster.

Leather Luster will not dry?

Proper cleaning is required when using Leather Luster, re-clean the leather article. Wet Leather Luster will come right off with Leather Luster Pre-cleaner.

Can you blow-dry or use the oven to dry leather article?

No. Leather Luster needs to soak in and dry naturally. Leather Luster will not guarantee product not to crack or peel if natural drying process is not used.

Can I use alcohol to clean off waxes, oils and dyes?

No, No other product or cleaner can be used with the cleaning step. You must use Leather Luster Pre-cleaner or General purpose Lacquer thinner to do the proper cleaning.

Will Leather Luster wash out of clothing or carpet?

No, Leather Luster will not wash out of clothes. Please be sure to check that all articles are completely dry before wearing. Be sure to check all edges. As far as carpet, it usually will not come out of carpet. We have had professionals come in with mixed results.

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